Now days it seems that there are windows decals on everybody’s car telling the other drivers around them about their favorite sports team, the political candidate they support, their family configuration, how many kids they have, their favorite pet, what college or university they attended, what schools systems they support, what clubs or organizations they belong to, what interest they have…etc.
I know you have seen them, pulled up beside them and gave them a glance…then the thoughts ran through your mind, WOW what an attractive
man or woman…you began to process all the information provided via the window decals.

She/he is an attractive individual that is a member of a kayaking group, graduated from a prestigous university, has 2 kids, a poodle, is a republican supporter, and likes football…you pulled all that information and brought it together along with the fact that you find them attractive…and yet there is still one question that lingers in your mind.  I wonder how they put it down.  Are they gay, straight, bi-sexual. Do they have a dominate side, or are they submissive. I wish they made a window decal indicating that…well does!